People are having complex feelings about Cristiano Ronaldo’s newborn twins

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo welcomed twins recently and people are working through some pretty complicated feelings about his dad-of-three status.

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Real Madrid star Ronaldo has not spoken publicly about the mother of his two new babies, instead proudly taking to social media to share a gorgeous family photo of himself, 7-year-old son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr and newborn twins.

Media/followers want to know more. They are speculating on all manner of officially unconfirmed details, including:

  1. Ronaldo welcomed the twins via a surrogate – and his first child was born via surrogacy too.
  2. The twins were born June 8 – a boy and girl and named Mateo and Eva.
  3. There is no “mother figure” in his children’s lives.
  4. Model Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant with the star’s child. 

We suggest waiting to hear from the man himself – should he choose to speak about his family – and taking such chatter with a grain of salt.

Family first

What we do know is that Ronaldo appears keen to build a family on his own terms, and seems to be wisely unmoved by the expectations others. He’s too busy being a dad and kicking balls around, you see?

Amidst cries of “What kind of a family is it :/ its not complete:(“, “Are they your sons?” and “Congratulations but where is momma?” he’s snuggling his new babies and enjoying the watching their big brother settle into his new role.

Ronaldo lost his own father to alcoholism related disease when he was just 20, and avoids alcohol himself because of this loss. Being fatherless as a young man perhaps confirmed the importance of family, and it may have motivated him to have children as soon as possible.

Privacy please

While the media is super keen to theorise about just how his kids have been conceived and birthed, the fact that Ronaldo has remained silent signals that he’d rather people shut up and let him get on with raising them.

It’s also worth noting that pushing for men to be more involved in caring for children, whilst questioning Ronaldo’s family structure – “where is the mum?!” – seems more than a little hypocritical. 

We’re fairly sure that a woman would not be scrutinised in quite the same way and trust that this dad is adapting to life as a father of three in the very best way he can – and with plenty of support.


Huge congratulations to this family on their newest additions!

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