Creepy NOT cute: Deceptive, violent videos starring kids’ characters on YouTube

Bizarre kids' video screen shot

A little while ago we told you about the rogue Peppa Pig videos that were popping up across YouTube. It appears making far-fetched, upsetting versions of kids’ favourite shows is on the increase – and indeed a problem that’s not going away. Parents beware …

Twisted tales

It’s plain to see that for some people, putting a ridiculous and violent twist on kids’ beloved characters is all kinds of fun. That said, if you’re not vigilant with your littlies’ screen time, they might stumble across this familiar-looking content and feel upset by it.

The New York Times picked up the story on the weekend, and their journo dug deeper.

 that our Peppa Pig finds were the tip of the iceberg, with a machine-gun toting, homicidal Elsa, a pooping Spiderman and the Hulk crashing a plane just a few of the twisted characters spotted in content that – at first glance – appears to be for kids.

Not funny at all

The makers of these clips are likely doing it for the LOLs, but many are also garnering thousands – even millions – of views and reaping rewards via YouTube ads.

Fast Company reports that while “A YouTube policy imposed this year says that videos showing ‘family entertainment characters’ being ‘engaged in violent, sexual, vile, or otherwise inappropriate behavior’ can’t be monetized with ads on the platform,” they’d found this messed-up content – complete with ads – on the platform.

There’s money to be made, and notoriety to be gained, from creating this kind of content.

Slipping through the filters

Granted, many of these clips can’t be played through the YouTube Kids app, but some do slip by the filters. Upsetting screenshots from the videos may also appear when kids search for their favourite characters in the YouTube Kids app, even for clips that don’t play. 

Needless to say if your child uses the classic YouTube app, they’re all there for the watching and there may be tears. And you really need to rethink your child’s app use because there’s so much terrible stuff on the platform!

The moral of the story here is to stick with the media outlets who do kids’ content best. In Australia, ABC Kids or Netflix for kids are the safest options for little eyes and ears. Why bother with risky YouTube when there are much better alternatives?

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