Crafty crib and cradle conversions are Made by Midas

Q4 cradles Made by Midas

Q4 crib Made by Midas

At our house, the nurturing instinct my daughters are displaying towards dolls, stuffed toys and even Christmas tree ornaments is getting a bit overwhelming. They just love to pick up any old toy and wheel it around the house. Here’s a piece of furniture that would help with that mission.

The crew at Made by Midas have obviously anticipated the need children seem to have to put things in trolleys and strollers and push them around, and designed a crib that can be used for exactly this purpose once your little bundle has outgrown it. The Q4 cradle converts to something akin to a toy pram with a removable hood (see below), and the Q4 crib, in the same fashion, can be used as a kind of toy trolley. I imagine they also eliminate some of the need to take your screaming infant for midnight walks in the stroller, since you could just push them up and down the hallway!

Warning: their website is not for the faint-hearted! But if you can manage to locate the contact box in amongst all the other drag-and-drop boxes (a challenge for a spare ten minutes) you can drop them a line and find out more about the Q4 crib and cradle, plus any of their other designs. The crib and cradle are both made to order.

Q4 cradles Made by Midas

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