A craft book for budding interior designers

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Show us a house full of kids, and we’ll show you a house that’s overrun with craft supplies. Open a desk drawer and get glitter bombed; take a coat out of the closet and rolls of washi tape rain down on your head.

It’s a law of the universe that as soon as you throw something away, you find you need it, and so you keep it around just in case. We’ve got good news. We’ve found a brilliant craft project book for kids so now you can totally justify all that hoarding.

Dream Create Inspire Cover

Dream, Create, Inspire: Easy Projects for an Amazing Bedroom Makeover by Melbourne writer Sophie Splatt is full of awesome DIY projects for kids to give their bedrooms a makeover, upcycle-style. Some projects are so easy, you might even be able to leave the kids to it while you pop into the kitchen to pour a glass of wine and turn on your favourite podcast before starting dinner.

Although the book has a distinctly girly bent, not to mention colour scheme, most of the projects are good for boys and girls, and with some help from parents, kids younger than the recommended seven years can have fun too.

The Decoupage Chair project requires a bit of paint, some paper or fabric cut-outs (think flowers, birds, robots) and decoupage glue that you can buy at a craft store, or maybe dig out of your well-stocked closet.

Dream Create Inspire Windchime

The Animal Glitter Jar is another great project for girls and boys. Plastic animals and jar lids are glued together and painted, and the bottom of the jar is covered in a stripe of glue and dipped in glitter. Voila! A handy container to store all manner of knick knackery.

We love that the projects don’t require a lot of complicated gear, and as a bonus there are some paper press-outs at the back of the book to go with your projects.

Ready to get crafting? You can get Dream, Create, Inspire direct from The Five Mile Press.

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