Couples who equally share child care duties have better relationships (including in the bedroom!)

Ladies, you may want to tag your partner in this article. The key to a happy relationships, including a better sex life, is sharing child care duties equally, the latest research reveals. 

Want a quality relationship, with less fighting and more loving? Apparently if men equally pitch in looking after the kids, their relationship will benefit.

The findings come from analysing the data from a study conducted in 2006, which surveyed more than 900 heterosexual couples in the US. Georgia State University sociologists discovered that when women were looking after their children most or all of the time, both they and their partners reported lower quality relationships and sex lives.

Sociologist Dan Carlson says, interestingly, there only seems to be an impact on the relationship if the mother is tasked with the majority of the child care. Basically, if the dads take on the lion’s share of child care duties, it’s still smooth sailing.

“What we find is that there’s generally little to no downside to men being largely responsible for child care. We conclude that being an engaged father is very important to men. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t see such a high level of satisfaction. It suggests that father engagement and sharing child care with one’s partner is important to both sexes,” he says.

However, the findings are general, and should be taken with a grain of salt, particularly if the roles in your relationship are more traditional.

“What really drives all of this is if are you satisfied with your relationship,” says Mr Carlson. “For a vast majority of people, and especially young adults, an egalitarian relationship is what they want, but that’s not to say that people who have more traditional divisions of labor will have a negative outcome.”

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