Couple’s newborn photo shoot parody is pawsitively awesome

When Abby Lee and Matt Kay welcomed their new addition to the family, the proud parents wanted to capture the moment with a photo shoot.

The only difference between these photos and the ones all new parents have hanging up in their lounge rooms? Abby and Matt’s “baby”, Humphrey, has four legs.

couple baby shoot 1

First comes love. Then comes marriage… 

Any couple who feels the pressure to start breeding from friends and family members, take notes! This is certainly one way to silence the in-laws once and for all.

couple newborn shoot 7

Like many childless couples, Abby and Matt – who hail from the NSW Central Coast – got sick of people asking them when they were going to have a baby.

So with the help of their talented friend and photographer, Elisha Minnette, they staged the ultimate newborn photo shoot that not only introduced their new bundle of fur to friends and family, but hopefully also stopped pushy relatives from clucking for grandbabies.

couple newborn shoot 8

Humphrey, a poodle cross golden retriever (groodle), entered the world via a surrogate but was quickly adopted by Abby and Matt with open arms.

The photo shoot was designed to give the three friends a laugh. They figured it would be the “perfect response” to relatives asking when the couple were planning on having children.

Elisha tells Babyology, “We didn’t plan anything for the shoot. The three of us were just bouncing around different ideas on the spot.”

couple baby shoot 3

However, what started as a bit of fun has became a viral sensation after Elisha posted the photos on her Facebook page. 

Elisha admits, “We did not expect it to get as big as it has!”

couple baby shoot 2

One look at these playful photos, it’s easy to see why both parents and non-parents love them!

Elisha, who specialises in newborn, portrait and wedding photography, tells Babyology, “I photograph all different types of shoots including newborns, so I know what the normal baby shoots look like. We didn’t ever intend to make fun of new parents sharing photos of their newborns. We just wanted to show a different kind of newborn.”

couple baby shoot 5

She amusingly captures all the classic images including the newborn swaddle shot, the happy couple with the natural backdrop portrait and the baby in the basket pose.

Our absolute favourite has to be the black and white three-in-the bed shot. What parent doesn’t have this one hanging up on the wall?

couple baby shoot 4

According to Elisha, little Humphrey was the perfect model for his debut photo shoot.

“Humphrey loved all the attention, and the treats, of course!”

couple newborn shoot 9

The clever photos have brought new found fame to this adorable little puppy, the proud parents and the talented photographer who has certainly started a trend in animal photography.

Surprisingly, Elisha tells Babyology that she has not had too many requests for a similar shoot. “But I have had a lot of wedding enquiries which I am happy about,” she adds.

couple baby shoot 6

Congratulations to Abby and Matt on your adorable new addition. He is pawsitively perfect. We cannot wait to see his first birthday cake smash shoot!

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(images via Elisha Minnette Photography)

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