Couple suffers miscarriage three days after their surprise pregnancy video goes viral

One minute they were on top of the YouTube world. They had just announced their third pregnancy in one of the most unique ways we have ever seen and the video was on the road to virility. The next minute, US video bloggers, Sam and Nia were back in front of the camera sharing some very upsetting and unexpected news with their family, friends and fans.

There are no words to describe the pain, the anger, the frustration, the fear and the guilt that miscarriage can cause.

One in five women who know they are pregnant will have a miscarriage, usually during the first 12 weeks. The actual rate of miscarriage is even higher because some women have very early miscarriages without ever realising that they were pregnant, the Royal Women’s Hospital reports.

Chances are, if you haven’t had one, someone close to you has. Many don’t share the news. Others, like Sam and Nia, do.

The video of how Sam shocks his wife with their pregnancy news, by stealing a sample of her pee and testing it without her knowing, has been viewed over 9 million times and anyone who has watched this first video can clearly see how excited the growing family was.

Yesterday, the couple released another video, which explains, “why we were so quiet yesterday,” and reveals the devastating news that they experienced a miscarriage the evening prior.

“We were so happy… and you could see in our vlog, we were just so overjoyed,” Nia says through tears in the most recent video. “And it was like a huge celebration. And then it — bam — it just hit us like a bomb.”

This was the couple’s first miscarriage and Nia admits that the emptiness and heartache that comes with a miscarriage came as a total shock. “I am mourning with those of you who are feeling this.”

The couple’s recent video, which is titled “Our Baby Had a Heartbeat,” comes only days after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared his pregnancy news after three previous miscarriages.

“There is a stigma regarding miscarriage that says we need to be alone in it and keep it private, but what happened is nothing less than losing a baby,” Nia and Sam explain in their YouTube video description. “The hurt and pain is real. It’s something that needs to be talked about and something that requires support from friends and family.”

To Sam and Nia, all our hearts here at Babyology go out to you, and to all the other couples who have experienced miscarriage. If you need help to deal with pregnancy or newborn loss, contact Sands Australia on 1300 072 637.


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