The coolest belly art you’ll ever bump into on social media

Belly art can be hit or miss. We’ve seen many failed attempts at belly art (and we showcase them in a post we like to call “pregnancy photo shoot fails and belly art gone bad”) but when it’s done tactfully and tastefully the results are incredible.

Thinking of staging your own belly art shoot? One scroll through social media and you will be bombarded with belly art, but, hey, you’re busy, you’re pregnant, you’re probably tired and you have better things to do than trawl social media.

So we’ve done the work for you. And we’ve delivered the goods when it comes to our top picks for pregnancy art.

There are plenty of artistic ways to capture your pregnancy. Some mums choose to make belly casts. Other mums choose simple yet elegant pregnancy photo shoots. And some mums throw milk all over their naked body (not even joking).

A popular trend for parents-to-be these days is to have a professional artist use body paint to craft brilliant images on their bellies, art that symbolises new beginnings, unwavering love and budding life.

So here are our top tips on how to master the fine art of belly art (and, if you want to know how NOT to do it, check out these belly art fails).

First of all, choose an elegant image. Many mums will opt for an image of a sleeping baby or a tree of life but it’s entirely up to you.


A photo posted by <3 (@veronica_bat92) on

We’ve seen belly art that is a lot more playful with Dr Seuss characters, Winnie-the-Pooh, Mickey Mouse and more.

Second of all, use a lot of paint. Paintings that use the entire canvas take longer but they provide a more detailed image (and hide any stretch marks).

And, of course, it’s just not belly art without the mandatory kiss from the proud big sister.

Or father-to-be and big brother.

You can even combine an underwater photo shoot with your pregnancy art.


A photo posted by Fátima Carrión (@premamabodypaint) on

If you’re looking to think outside the typical body paint, then consider flouro paint like this mother did. Because nothing says “you light up my life” quite like bright paint lighting up the belly.

And, if you’re pregnant with twins, then the possibilities are even brighter.

There are countless belly artists online, especially via social media, who offer this service and provide inspiration for your individual body art shoot.  We especially adore Pre Mama Body Paint and Olga’s Face and Body Art

Love belly art? Check out this family’s unique belly art project where they used mum’s pregnant belly as the perfect prop for their son’s nursery wall art.

(top image via Facebook)

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