Cool them down this summer!


When the humid Sydney heat becomes unbearable, we go running to the
freezer for some iced treats. It seems to be the only way I can
really cool down, by putting something cold on the inside and it seems
to work for my toddler too. A small amount of juice combined with
water and frozen into a delicious treat cheers us all up when it’s
scorching outside.

Now you can make them in novelty shapes as well! These Lego Ice Lollipop Moulds
allow you to
make three iceblocks in the shape of  Lego figures which will thrill
children of any age. I’d better remember not to let my son take
one into his playroom, as he may forget they’re iceblocks and I’ll find
them melted into the carpet. My husband is the biggest kid
around and these won’t last long once he’s aware of them in the
freezer. I would also make chocolate versions for special treats.

There are also fun shapes to be had in the world of icecubes. Try surprising the kids with a deliciously cold drink with
penguins or
inhabiting the glass! My eldest can crunch through icecubes with the best of them and I’m sure he’d find these just adorable.

The penguin and dolphin trays are US$4.95 each plus shipping from
Amazon (see above links). The Lego robot moulds are AUD$16.99 plus
shipping from the
Lego shop.


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