Cookie Dipping Mug – who can resist this?

Entresuelo. 1A Cookie Dipping Mug

Cookie Dipping Mug

This is one product with a healthy dose of humour which we just had to show you! If you are a person who likes to dip cookies in your hot drink, you may have encountered the small problem of the cookie being too big to be fully dunked. This may mean you need to resort to breaking the cookie (which in this house results in toddler tantrums), or turning to a certain biscuit covered in chocolate – the Tim Tam.

The Cookie Dipping Mug’s handle is built to accommodate lovely, round cookies with a large radius, leaving you free from the hassle of crumbs and less-healthy biscuit choices. We just love how it caters to a very specific niche of people who just love to dunk! Want one? You’ll need to email Entresuelo.1A as the online store is still being constructed.

Entresuelo. 1A Cookie Dipping Mug

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