Constructible Drinking Straw makes milkshakes loop-the-loop

Constructible Drinking Straw

Constructible Drinking Straw

If you have a little builder in your life, you know that when it comes to construction, anything is fair game. From the conventional – Lego – to the bizarre – towers of (clean) nappies – they will find a way to create the most astounding 3D structures.

We don’t normally condone play at mealtimes, but for those little builders, we can’t resist the Constructible Drinking Straw (US$14) by New York designer, Frank Frisari. Kids can build a complicated maze of pipes to slurp up their milkshakes, and if they’re clever, they can set up a system to drink from multiple glasses at once.

Constructible Drinking Straw

The kit comes with rubber elbow and straight joints, and a collection of clear plastic straws – enough material to create the twistiest, most impressive drinking apparatus. And before you roll your eyes at the clean-up, the whole set is dishwasher friendly. Touché, clever and practical designer.

The Constructible Drinking Straw is available online at the MoMA Store.


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