Condom company make TV show and app that distract kids so parents can bonk

the expandables ad

A condom company is taking the Netflix and Chill concept a step further, creating a publicity stunt TV show and app for kids in the hope that it’ll distract them a little longer and promote more extended parental sexy times.

So helpful!

“Get back to the sex life you had before your kids ruined it!” Four Seasons Condoms promises alongside an ad for their all-new, designed-for-distraction series The Extendables.

“The hilarious new show that entertains the kids, while mum and dad entertain each other,” their promo trumpets very, very loudly. There’s a celebratory mood reminiscent of a US basketball game, as the screen fills with wriggly children, bouncing on the couch, readying themselves to watch this exciting new show. It’s all pretty romantic, TBH.

So much fun!

“The fun never stops, quite literally!” Four Seasons says, going on to explain that the show “keeps going for, well, as long as you keep going!”

“Hours, minutes or seconds!” the video guide explains, as it pokes fun at a gent with a watering can. (No really, he is watering the garden. Is it a metaphor?)

The Four Seasons folk tell us that The Extendables smartphone app allows parents to beam the show from their phone (in the bedroom!) to a tablet, desktop computer, laptop or smart TV (in the living room!)

Its makers say if you pair the app with the webcam in the device your kids are watching on, inbuilt motion detectors will let you know if your kids stop watching and wander off to look for you. This allows parents just enough time to put their pyjamas pants back on before the kiddos burst in. Help-ful!

They were also keen to confirm that no visual data is shared, received or saved by the app. That’s reassuring. Phew.

Parent sex

Mumbrella explains “parents are initially given 12 minutes of alone time, however, when the cartoon has one minute left, parents are able to extend the show for another 5 minutes.”

We double-checked and this doesn’t seem to be a belated April Fool’s joke, but rather an arresting campaign designed to spark chortles and chatter about the challenges of parent sex – and possibly facilitate a bit of humpo-bumpo in the process.

Romancus interruptus is apparently frustratingly top-of-mind with many mums and dads.

Four Seasons found a third of Australian parents had a fear of being interrupted during sex,” Campaign Brief reports.  

“Given almost three quarters (73%) of respondents have been interrupted by their kids during sex, The Extendables provides a fun solution for the whole family.”

Four Seasons are obviously seeking to forge head on into the mum and dad market, and perhaps this outside-the-box campaign will pay dividends.

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