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With my eldest son starting school next year, my thoughts
have already turned to the right backpack and food storage. To be
honest, I think it’s kind of gross that a ham sandwich stays in an
uninsulated lunchbox, unrefrigerated for up to three hours
until lunchtime. Then there’s the icky squashed fruit which is left
uneaten and perhaps not found again for days, and drinks that are
warm come recess.

decided that for kids to
learn properly at school, they need good quality, unspoiled food and a
bit of comfort. School classrooms can certainly be a bit
inhospitable to a small person, so grabbing a pretty and functional
lunchbox full of perfectly stored munchables may be just the ticket to
extra concentration hours.

The Fruit Friendly lunchbox practices
exactly what it preaches, with two rounded-out but hard areas for
popping in apples, mandarins, or any other type of larger spherical
fruit. If you’d rather put in grapes, it come with containers which fit
the rounded compartments so they too stay contained and fresh. The
‘Thermospot’ shows when food is getting to an unhealthy temperature.

Once lunch is made, the lunchbox can be popped inside the
Lunchbox Cooler bag – tailor-made from neoprene to keep your child’s
lunch a safe temperature. It will also fit most standard-sized
lunchboxes. Check out their drink coolers and bags that also double as
comfy chair pads for that extra helping hand with comfort and learning
in the classroom. Packs containing most of the products are
available for £25, Chair pad bags are £20, lunchboxes and cooler bags are
£10 each or £17.50 for both, plus shipping from the
Concentrate shop.



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