Comotomo – the soft, squeezable baby bottle

This baby bottle from Comotomo has some simple, yet very important design elements that apparently help it be closer to breastfeeding and a mother’s breast – including being made from soft silicone. Intrigued? Read on.

The Comotomo is the next stage of baby bottle evolution. Several tweaks to the traditional baby bottle have gone into creating a very smart new design, that really does leave me wondering, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

So here’s the breakdown on the Comotomo. The bottles are designed with a wide mouth and naturally shaped nipple in a bid to eliminate nipple confusion for babies transitioning, or mixed feeding.


My favourite Comotomo design element is the fact that the bottle is soft – just like a mother’s breast. The bottles are made from medical grade hygienic silicone.

The bottles have two vents, to eliminate unnecessary air intake, which is very important for babies with colic. And finally the bottles are easy to clean, thanks to the extra wide neck. And the silicone is extremely heat-resistant, so the bottles can be boiled or put in the dishwasher.

As yet Comotomo bottles aren’t available in Australia, but we’re sure it won’t be long before a local stockist leaps on them so we’ll keep you up to date. If you’re keen to give them a try right now, you can purchase on Amazon. A 250ml bottle costs around US$14, and a 150ml about US$13.


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