Here Comes Christmas! Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page talks about his new CD, and the reunion we’ve all been waiting for!

When Babyology phoned original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, to talk about his new Christmas album, he was on his way to Wiggles HQ – to chat with his fellow Wiggly pioneers about their upcoming reunion. These four iconic Australian children’s entertainers have cooked up an idea that’s likely to result in tickets that will sell like hot potatoes. Come and find out what Greg had to say about the upcoming pub gig, and his new CD – Here Comes Christmas!

My family loves a good Christmas CD – the first of which gets trotted out as the tree is put up on December 1 (or November something if my husband has anything to do with it!). Greg Page has just released his own Christmas CD – Here Comes Christmas! – and it’s a little ripper. For those of us with children who still remember when Greg’s dulcet lead vocals headed The Wiggles, it’s such a joy for them (and us as parents) to listen to him sing again.

greg page

Here Comes Christmas! is a genuine family album – with three original songs that are collaborations between Greg and Alec Miller, and a host of both old-school holiday tunes and some more modern melodies.

“There are certain songs that you kind of have to do on a Christmas CD, songs like Silent Night and Jingle Bells. What I wanted to do was cover the whole gamut of traditional carols and then Christmas songs, sort of more contemporary songs. So we’ve got the songs that have been around for many years… and we’ve got things like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Let It Snow and we’ve got three songs that Alec and I have written together,” Greg explains to Babyology.

As with all his work over the years, Greg’s taken into account just how the music will be received by his young audience.

“The flutes playing a little line here or there, or violins playing a string line – it really provides great points of interest for a child to listen and imagine what they’re hearing. And you’ll find when children are exposed to these orchestral type arrangements, they can quickly identify what the instruments are. They’ll hear a violin and they’ll start pretending they’re playing a violin.” Christmas carols with an educational twist – bonus!

As well as being busy creating Here Comes Christmas!, which was released this week (November 24), Greg is working on the now highly-anticipated original Wiggles reunion.


It’s been 25 years since Anthony, Greg, Jeff and Murray first got behind the wheel of the Big Red Car, and they’re set to celebrate the milestone in an adults-only pub gig next year. The one-off Wiggles reunion will be a charity event, and give the original fans a chance to Shimmie Shake to the tunes they grew up with.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field recently sent a Twitter call-out asking if any of his more mature fans would be keen on an over-18s show. He was swamped with support, with a legion of Wiggly supporters calling for an Australian, and even a world tour. Anthony responded by confirming the gig will happen next year.

“I don’t really know that much about it,” says Greg, as he drives to Wiggles HQ to catch up with his fellow original Wiggles. “All I know is that we had spoken about it at some stage earlier this year, Anthony and I sort of spoke about the broad concept of getting together to do some shows in a pub or a club somewhere, where our now mature audiences who grew up with us 20 years ago, you know maybe 24, 25 years old can come along to a pub and see The Wiggles playing in a rock band, singing their favourite songs from their childhood. So it’s a way of people being able to relive those memorable years of their very young childhood and their first memories of music.”

The Wiggles have since confirmed via Facebook that the gig will be in Sydney.

“Judging by the response that The Wiggles have had to the tweet that Anthony put out it seems like there is that sort of nostalgic feel about the original Wiggles and we’ll see what transpires.”

If your kids are big Greg Page fans (or perhaps you are!), take a look at his other project, Butterscotch’s Playground, where you can grab a copy of Here Comes Christmas! for $12.99, or you can download it from iTunes for $14.99.

(Stage image courtesy of Glenn Pokorny)


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