Come on, get Happeez!


Anyone with kids knows that a fridge is so much more than just a convenient place to store cold food. It’s also the perfect place to keep all the paper paraphernalia that comes with having a family – party invitations, happy snaps, the latest kinder artwork, unpaid bills, weekly schedules, school notes… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Or at least it is if you have a boring ol’ white refrigerator. But pity the more stylish folk who’ve succumbed to the allure of the swanky stainless steel icebox. Why? Because magnets won’t stick to stainless steel so their fridges have remained sadly bare. Until now.

Babyology has just the thing for those families who are desperate to turn their sleek, new-fangled fridges into cluttered kitchen noticeboards of old. Unlike magnets, Happeez clips will happily stick to stainless steel, metal and even glass. But they’re not just incredibly handy, they look fabulous as well and come in tons of different designs to suit any taste.

The range includes handy clips, photo frames, whiteboards, weekly planners, to-do lists and notepads. You can buy Happeez products direct from Mayfair Lane, with prices from US$6 for a single clip plus international shipping charges.

People who prefer to purchase in our own Aussie currency can grab them online from Brisbane-based The Cupcake Courier, where prices start from $9.95 for a single clip and go up to $26.95 for a whiteboard or weekly planner, with postage extra.

(via Babyccino)


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