Come on and get snappy with a Lego camera!


We adore Lego in our house. We’ve had a myriad of helicopters, transporters, dinosaurs, cars and buildings, but we’ve never seen anything like the soon-to-be-released Lego camera!

This would be the ultimate addition to any child’s Lego collection – but unless your child is particularly careful with his or her toys, I suggest you leave this one for the older kids as it really is a fully functional camera!

This little gem looks to be made from individual Lego bricks but you can rest easy knowing you won’t find it in a hundred pieces or be on all-fours searching for a flash – because it can’t be taken apart (parents unite in a resounding phew!). Additional Lego bricks can be added to its top or bottom though, so it can become part of any magnificent construction.

The Lego camera really has everything you need in a child’s camera: fixed focus, digital zoom, a 1.5 inch colour LCD screen, and capacity to hold eighty photos. I love it for its Lego quirkiness – it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen on the Lego shelf, and I know when my ten-year-old claps eyes on it, it’s going to be love at first click!

I’ll be interested to see if these will be released in Australia, but in the meantime you can snap one up from Urban Outfitters for US$68.

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