Come inside Australia’s first Baby Spa for newborns

If all the crying, eating and (hopefully) sleeping is really taking it out of your newborn, it’s probably time they checked into a spa.

Not only is this an actual thing, but the response to Australia’s first Baby Spa opening in Perth has been “overwhelming”, according to co-owners Kavita Kumar and Anita Yap.

The sisters brought the baby health spa phenomenon to our shores from London, opening their doors in Subiaco only days ago.

baby spa 2

Using a specially designed flotation device called the Bubby, babies aged from two days to six months can enjoy floating in their own neonatal pod or in larger hydrotherapy spas.

The whole experience is meant to resemble a baby’s experience in the womb and, with repeat visits, aims to develop a love for water. And it’s all finished off with a bit of baby massage.

Kavita says she experienced the benefits of a baby spa first hand before deciding to make it her business.

“After having our first baby in London, we found out about Baby Spa through my local mother’s group,” she says.

“A bit sleep deprived like most new mothers, we jumped at the opportunity for some extra sleep and what we found was so much more.”

The process for postnatal water floatation was developed by former South African competitive swimmer Laura Sevenus who designed and patented the Bubby as a way to aid the transition into swimming lessons.

Despite the fear some might have about a flotation device being placed around a babies neck, Kavita explains it is specially designed for safety and comfort.

“The water supports the baby’s body, and baby’s head just rests on the Bubby,” she says.

Kavita claims the spa experience can also help babies with digestion, colic, muscle development and heart health.

“Hydrotherapy (flotation and exercise in water) supports mental and physical development so essential to your baby’s ability to move with control, and act with purpose on land,” she says.

“The more your baby can use his/her brain and muscles, the stronger they will grow.

“As your baby kicks around in the water, the small rocking waves he/she creates will help to improve their balance and coordination and, ultimately, support their ability to crawl, walk and swim.”

As well as being a calming experience for babies, Kavita says the gentle water movement and pressure helps with muscular and skeletal strength, digestive and circulatory systems and can increase lung capacity.

She says it can reduce meconium levels and lowers the risk of jaundice three or four days after birth.

Given the young clientele, Kavita says staff members are medically trained with neonatal experience, including registered midwifes, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

baby spa 3

(Images via Instagram)

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