Combat Little Coughs and soothe Little Noses with Fess

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There’s something about an infant’s cough – it can trigger a panic attack in even the calmest of parents. As soon as your child develops the common cold symptoms, including a blocked nose and a chesty cough, it is natural to be concerned and to want to do everything in your power to relieve the symptoms.

You may think that there is nothing much you can do, especially for children under the age of six months. But there is. Learn how to reduce their suffering through these natural cold and flu products, designed for little superheroes who are battling the biggest of colds.

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You can’t always prevent colds from affecting your children, especially as little ones are still building up their immunity. Although there are more than 2000 types of viruses that cause a cold, Fess Little Noses and Little Coughs can reduce the symptoms of the common cold naturally.

Fess Little Noses and Little Coughs are designed especially for younger infants. For the first few months, babies breathe through their noses, so a blocked nose can disrupt breathing, feeding and sleeping. It is one of the hardest symptoms to handle because tiny babies aren’t great with tissues! You need another solution.

Fess Little Noses is suitable from the day your baby is born. It is non-medicated and preservative-free and provides a natural solution to unblocking a baby’s nose. The saline loosens and thins mucus and the easy-to-use aspirator helps to clear your baby’s blocked nose. I could hardly believe how effective and easy it was to use the first time I tried it.

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Once your children are six months old, you can add Little Coughs to the medicine cabinet to help thin and loosen mucus in the chest. Little Coughs is clinically proven to relieve coughs in children and uses natural ivy leaf to effectively clear your child’s chest.

Both of my kids like the taste, which is surprising considering my son usually only eats something if it’s dripping with tomato sauce and my daughter lives on Nutella. Little Coughs is sugar-free and non-drowsy and it comes with an oral dosing syringe, helping it to go down easily.

Experts suggest that most young children will have on average six colds a year. This means there could be six (or more) separate occasions where your child will feel achy, lethargic, stuffed up and downright miserable. This is no fun for anyone in the house, so it makes sense to do what you can to prepare for it.

Stock up on Fess Little Noses and Little Coughs for such occasions and give them the best defence against the nasty common cold, even if they are not yet crawling.Fess Little Coughs Little Noses
(This is a sponsored post for Care Pharmaceuticals)

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