Combantrin – take the worry out of worms!

Boy with dog
Boy with dog
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Although icky to talk about, there’s nothing terribly uncommon about children contracting intestinal worms. All we can hope for is that when the pesky itching emerges and restless nights occur, we have something on hand to treat it as soon as we see the signs, and that folks, is Combantrin.

Combantrin is Australia’s most trusted and recommended worming brand by parents and it makes sense to have a box tucked away in the family medicine cabinet so that you can take action immediately if the need arises. It’s so easy for children to contract worms, particularly preschoolers or school-aged kids who mix with many children and are still learning the importance of hand washing. At the same time, it’s natural that parents don’t want to cause a fuss with treatment, or scare a child about the existence of such a problem within their body and we’re thankful that Combantrin make it easy to treat the problem. Their single-dose worm treatment is a small chocolate square that shouldn’t raise many questions (or arguments) from the kids. Too easy!

It’s important to know that children (and family members) need to have worms present for the Combantrin treatment to work. The single dose treatment is simple and effective in taking care of threadworm, as well as those rarer worms, roundworm and hookworm, that actually can originate from the family pet. You should also consider treating everyone in the family at the same time because worms are very easily spread, even to adults who may not show any symptoms.

Combantrin is readily available from your local chemist, who we’re sure will also be helpful in answering any questions you may have about worm treatment.

Always read the label, use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. 2648/14.

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