The colouring book smashing superhero stereotypes


If there’s anything that embodies gender stereotypes, it’s superheroes. The bold, brash, muscle-bound men with capes and underwear as outerwear. This brilliant project is bucking all sorts of preconceived heroic character conventions, under the guise of a free colour book. 


We’re giving a big two thumbs up to cartoonist, illustrator and mum of two Linnéa Johansson for creating Super Soft Heroes. A tongue-in-cheek colouring book with a much deeper meaning.


Linnéa says she wanted to break through the typical boy and girl stereotypes, after her three-year-old son stopped crying because he realised the superheroes he looked up to didn’t cry. She says, “I decided to draw ten soft super heroes and then strong princesses, just to give the kids some alternatives.”


The images include typical superheroes in not-so-typical activities – like performing ballet, baby-wearing, cuddling kittens and baking.


The colouring book of ten images is free to download, and Linnéa says she’s working on images of ten super strong princesses, which will soon be available for download.



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