Colour your child’s world with Pouch Handmade art

Pouch Handmade

Pouch Handmade

There’s art and then there’s art – like these intricate, tactile and completely unique pieces, made from reclaimed vintage fabrics.

Pouch Handmade creates whimsical and wickedly one-off piece of art. Made in Australia using recycled and re-purposed fabrics, each delicate piece of material is placed just-so, giving life to a menagerie of creatures, perfect as a talking piece in a nursery.

Pouch Handmade

The bird artworks lend themselves perfectly to being pieced together using brightly coloured and lusciously textured fabrics. The Toucan is brought to life with each strip of carefully chosen material that adorns his monstrous beak.

Pouch Handmade, owl wall art

The Owl looks debonair in his rich brown suit, just right for a neutral-inspired nursery.

Pouch Handmade, turtle wall art

The Turtle carries an eclectic collection of geometrically-shaped pieces of fabric on his back – not a literal interpretation from the animal kingdom, but beautiful nonetheless.

Pouch Handmade, horse wall art

I’m smitten with the personalised pieces, which carry a hand-stitched name on a speech bubble.

Pouch Handmade

The collages are available framed or unframed and start at $80. They’re available directly from Pouch Handmade, and shipping is free within Australia.

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