Colour-blind dad finally gets to see his children in true colour


One of the first things we teach our toddlers is colours. They are what make up our world, give life to what we see. This dad had never even been able to see his children’s true eye colours because he suffers colour-blindness. Until he received a pair of glasses that coloured his world. Get a tissue handy, this one has all the feels.

Pennsylvania dad Opie Hughes has protanopia, so he can’t see red and green colours properly. He heard about EnChroma glasses – which help those suffering from colour blindness see more vibrant colours.

Unfortunately, the family couldn’t afford them. Opie told Inside Edition,”My sister ended up setting up a GoFundMe, which I knew about, but didn’t expect anything of.”


Through the power of internet fundraising, Opie’s sister, Katherine Empey was able to give the glasses to her brother for his birthday. The moment Opie looks at a world of true colour for the first time pulls at all the heart strings. Take a look below, and watch for the moment when he’s asked to look into his children’s eyes, and sees their true colour for the first time:

(via Mashable)

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