Cold and flu season is coming – be ready with child-friendly Oricom digital infrared thermometers

Oricom thermo cover

Are you prepared for winter? For the colds, snuffles, flus and fevers that come when the cool weather sets in? If you have little ones, then make sure you have an easy-to-use thermometer in your medicine cabinet.

As parents it is our duty to take care of our babies. And while we cannot always prevent the spread of colds, flus or even infections, we can minimise the pain and suffering. We all know how fevers can make adults feel – cold, achy, sweaty, nauseous and grumpy. So imagine how a fever affects your child or baby, who may not even understand what is making them unwell.

Take the time to stock your cabinet with children’s paracetamol and other child-appropriate ointments of choice. That way, if fever or illness does strike in the middle of the night, you are prepared. And whatever you do, don’t forget to include a digital thermometer.

Mother kissing sleeping baby

Oricom’s range of digital infrared thermometers offer hygienic non-contact or non-probe operation which minimises the risk of virus transmission. Take bub’s temperature without having to make your child feel any more uncomfortable. There is no need to ask your child to stick out their tongue, take off their shirt or to stick something into their ear, which can be quite painful if bub is suffering from an ear infection.

With the Oricom’s FS300 Thermometer there are no probes or replacement tips needed and you don’t have to struggle with your child to cooperate. You can even take their temperature while they are sleeping, with no risk of disturbing their slumber.

oricom thermo 3

Another great thing about this digital thermometer is that it stores up to 32 recorded temperatures, allowing you access to your child’s past health records in a matter of seconds.

The FS300 is intended for use as a measuring device for determining the patient’s body temperature. However, if you are looking for a way to take an accurate reading of your bottle or bath temperature, then the FS300 is also a great option. While you may know exactly what temperature the bath should be or how long to heat a bottle so that it is safe for your child, others may not. Having a versatile digital thermometer like Oricom’s FS300 Thermometer on hand can give you peace of mind that babysitters, family members and others that are looking after your child are getting it right.

Having a digital thermometer like the FS300 in your medicine cabinet will keep your better prepared for cold and flu season. And of course, with any health concerns involving children, always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional.

The Oricom FS300 is available through premium baby stores, from $99.95.

(This is a sponsored post for Oricom)


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