Cold days are covered with our winter fashion roundup for kids!

Knitwear from Roddie & Louie

Trenchcoats for kids from That's Not Fair London

Summer is finally out the door. Winter means all kinds of things to me – but most of them centre around trying to get cosy, and we’ve compiled our best tips for cosy and stylish clothing for kids of all ages, so come on through and have a look.

Once you’ve found the perfect trenchcoat for yourself, it’s only fair to search one out for the junior at your place. That’s Not Fair London have gorgeous trenchcoats and cable knits for boys and girls that will make any child look European catwalk-worthy.

Handknitted hats and jackets for kids from Toto KnitsIf hand knits are more your style, but you don’t have the time to make them all yourself, you need to check out the gorgeous This is Glasgow range from Kenyan-based Toto Knits. As a knitter myself, I can verify that you could not make these gorgeous pieces as quickly or as affordably as you can buy them here. There are hats, mittens and scarves too.

Baby cowls from Etsy seller Savvystuff

Cowls – could they be the perfect kids’ accessory? My kids love hoods so much that our winter wardrobes are often severely limited to the few hooded items they are willing to wear. But with a cowl like this one from Savvystuff, you can just add your own scarf/hood combo to any outfit. The extreme cute factor is just the icing on the cake.

Cabbages and Kings clothing range

Of course, your tween child probably won’t consent to wearing bunny ears on their cowl, so you’d be better to look to Cabbages & Kings for their great range of everything warm. The infinity scarves are a more grown up alternative for keeping the neck and ears cosy, and they have a great range of leg and arm warmers too.

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh and 3M winter range

While we’re talking slightly older children, we couldn’t go past the new winter range of fashion from Eeni Meeni Miini Moh and their slightly older counterpart, e-3M. Words always fail me when trying to sum up everything I love about this label, and since I couldn’t include every photo of their range as well, you’ll just have to go and have a look. Suffice to say, the details and extra touches are amazing, the colours are gorgeous and every part of the body is covered with style.

Children's knitwear neutrals from Esencia

On a slightly more neutral note, it’s hard to go past this beautiful neutral knitwear range from Esencia. This one is aimed at the younger age range, sized up to six years and it’s knitwear with a softer touch. Everything is made from llama and alpaca fibre, which means it’s warm and not itchy. There are jumpers and cardigans as well as accessories like hats and scarves, so it’s easy to find something lovely.

Knitwear from Roddie & LouieAnd on the topic of accessories, here’s something just as lovely, but much, much brighter! This is just part of the range of scarves and mittens from Roddie & Louie. We love the striking graphics and the bright colours will bring a touch of colour on a drab winter day. All of these pieces are made from Scottish lambswool and are finished by hand.

Kidscase children's clothing

One final pick for children all the way from birth to twelve – it’s a great range from Dutch label Kidscase, with lots of lovely and comfortable pieces perfect for layering. This one is especially good for older children, with plenty of styles which are sure to please you as well as them. Maybe you won’t even mind seeing their jackets and jumpers strewn all over the house when it’s this much fun!

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