Cocoonababy – comfort just like mum used to make

cocobag sleeping bag

This little gem is an absolutely gorgeous concept. It’s basically a hug for bub and who doesn’t like hugs?

The Cocoonababy nest is a soft foam nest that was developed in French neonatal hospitals to mimic the sensation of being in utero. Originally used for premature babies, the Cocoonababy nest allows bub to move their arms and legs, touch their face and suck their thumb whilst still being constricting enough to provide comfort and stop newborn startle reflexes that can frighten or wake up the baby.

You can use them in cots and bassinets so long as the side walls sit higher than the baby. The Cocoonababy can be used up until about four months or until the baby starts to try and roll over.

baby doesn't like being swaddled

My little one refused to be swaddled so this would have been ideal for her (it may have even given me a chance to put her down every so often) but it can also be used with a swaddle.

It comes with an adjustable wedge that is moved down the nest as the baby grows, a safety belt and a white cotton fitted sheet. It’s not the cheapest accessory on the market at $299, but there is free shipping within Australia.

Cocoonababy also sells gorgeous high waisted Cocobag sleeping bags that are equally adorable, I will be adding one of those to my wishlist for sure.

sleeping aids for babies

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