Co-sleeping family replies to judgemental shamers in emotional video blog

A mother of six children who built the ultimate seven-person co-sleeping bed has spoken out after the image went viral and caught the attention of co-sleep critics. Her emotional video shows, once again, just how dangerously powerful social media shaming really is and how mummy judgement needs to end now.

If you haven’t seen the seven person co-sleeping bed, made out of two Ikea Kura beds, then you really need to take a look at it! And, if you have, then you will understand why there has been a wave of controversy.

family bed full image

The Boyce family all sleep in one bed. This includes two parents and five children aged 11 to one (their sixth child lives outside of the home) It is, quite literally, the ultimate co-sleeping bed and it has taken the Internet by storm. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of angry, judgemental and awful comments made about the bed and the family in it during its two weeks in the social media spotlight.

We all have our opinions on co-sleeping and some of them are quite strong.

As a co-sleeping advocate (actually, as an advocate for sleep in general), I can see the benefits to the Boyce’s creative bed. On the other end of the spectrum, are the advocates against co-sleeping. Yes, co-sleeping is not for everyone and yes, there have been some studies that suggest it may be dangerous.

But Elizabeth Boyce, the matriarch of the controversial bed, had no idea what kind of emotional damage her picture could cause. She shared her thoughts via a video blog and perfectly sums up why social media shaming and mummy wars really need to end.

“This is going to be a bit of an emotional post,” Elizabeth starts her 15 minute video blog post. From her laundry room, she urges everyone to stop being so cruel and to remember that there is a person behind the post and a story behind every image.

“There has been a lot of judgement and hate and I honestly thought people were nicer than they are,” Elizabeth admits as she wipes tears away. “Where do we get off judging other people’s choices in any aspect of our lives?”

co sleeping follow up

Elizabeth admits that she has tried to stay away from the haters and the comments, but it’s hard to ignore the suggestions that they are abusing their children and that they are making poor parenting decisions.

Through her tears you can see the truth – she is simply a mum, who loves her children, and is trying her best to do what is right for them each and every day.

The video is long but the message is clear – mummy judgement and social media shaming has got to stop. Like Elizabeth, we are all just trying to do what’s right for our families.

And, if that means sleeping seven people in one bed, then so be it.

Honestly, if it meant my kids would actually sleep through the night, I would sleep in the bathtub if I had to. Haters gonna hate. But this mum’s gotta sleep.

Please, if you haven’t already seen this campaign on ending mummy wars, head over to our Mummy Wars post and watch it now. Yes, it is incredibly emotional, but it is something all parents need to see.

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