Clever combo photos that will give the kids a giggle

You know we love a great photography project, and even though they’re usually about kids and parenting, they’re often aimed at adults. This intriguing series has a quirk-factor that slots it perfectly into a child’s sense of humour. So gather this kids around, and see what they make of these combo photos.

This is one of those posts that’s going to be photo-heavy, and light on words, because these gloriously different images are, as they say, worth a thousand words all on their own.


They were created by Stephen McMennamy, who works as an art director in Atlanta. Being introduced to Instagram three years ago piqued his interest in photography, and his growing interest morphed into his project, titled combophoto.



The series involves Stephen taking two of his photos, and combining them to create an image that is usually a juxtaposition of both the subject and scale.


This is what Stephen had to say about the above combination image: “I asked my five year old what she thought of this, she said it looked like pepper spray, I’m cool with that description.”



Keep an eye on Stephen’s tumblr account, as the images are updated often.

fruit loops


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