Clever carbon footprint calculator for kids


This kids carbon footprint calculator is a brilliant idea. Designed by Zerofootprint, it has been specially created for kids of reading age where they answer a few questions to see how their family rates on the carbon output scale. My daughter is not yet old enough to partake in this fun but I did and it was interesting to see the results.

The website is quick, simple to navigate and explains everything in a way that young children can understand. The best part is that children and parents can see the results and make changes in the household together, or if the result is a small footprint, congratulate themselves on doing a great job of helping the earth.

At the footprint results, the site lists your carbon output compared to the national average for a dozen or so countries. So you can compare your household emissions to the neighbours or to a global ‘neighbour’ living halfway across the globe.

Introduce the Zerofootprint Kids Calculator to the young people in your house or answer the questions yourself if you’re curious but your kiddies are too young to participate just yet.

(Via Oh Dee Doh)


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