Clear surgical screen allows mums to witness the miracle of caesarean birth

Alyssa Leon c-section birth photo

Birth photographer Alyssa Leon has just shared some images of a very visible caesarean birth, and they’ll have you wondering “why didn’t they think of that sooner?!”

A clear view

Alyssa is not only a birth photographer, she’s a certified doula too. A couple of ace things she’s been part of recently might shift your view of caesarean births – in a very literal way.

Alyssa shared two of images of a birth she attended recently on her Instagram account. The baby she photographed was born via caesarean – and the parents in question had a transparent approach to the experience.

“How do you know what options you have if you don’t ask?” Alyssa posted on her Instagram, flagging that things were on the move in the caesarean department.

“This sweet family had a gentle caesarean environment with a clear drape and skin to skin with momma and baby,” she explained.

The accompanying image – shot by Alyssa –  shows a gorgeous little person emerging from her mother’s belly, a clear screen replacing the usual blue surgical drape.

These clear screens allow for “visual contact” “to promote better maternal bonding” their makers say.

Australia has very high rates of caesarean births – 30.9% of births in 2007, according to the Department of Health. That’s a lot of mums. For those that would like to witness their baby being born by this method, the clear screen turns the traditional caesarean on its head and give mums a more active role in their baby’s birth. Instead of concealing the birthing procedure from mothers, the screen ensures excellent visibility during this life-changing event.

It’s an opportunity many mums would relish, although it won’t be every woman’s cup of tea.

It’s all in the detail

Alyssa says these caesarean attitude shifts are hugely important to expectant mums.

“More than anything, I am just grateful for the doctors, midwives, and nurses that advocate for the families to use the clear drapes when the need for a caesarean birth arises,” Alyssa told parenting site CafeMom.

“It may not seem like a big deal, but I can tell you that every single woman that gives birth remembers each detail; how she was supported, what it looked and sounded like in the room, and how she felt when her baby was brought earth side.”

Mums matter

Not only is it wonderful to see medical practitioners advocating for the best birth experience for mums, no matter how they deliver, it’s heartening to see that photographers are being allowed in the delivery room to capture these big moments too.

This is excellent progress in the quest to normalise all kinds of births and support women, no matter how their babies enter the world.

We’re so glad Alyssa shared these images – and grateful to the family featured, for sparking conversation and encouraging change.

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