Cleaner air for the iPod generation


There’s lots of things I don’t have time for since becoming a mum. I don’t have time to relax with a good book, I don’t have time for a pedicure, and I absolutely don’t have time to dust. Which means there’s dust balls the size of kittens lurking in the corners and under the beds at our place.

Sound familiar? Then join with me in a happy jig because Babyology has found something that promises to remove dust and other nasties from the air without leaving an ugly blot on your carefully-crafted nursery or living space.

Meet the AirPod, a compact HEPA air filter for the iPod generation that will suck dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and other microscopic allergens and air particles through its stylish filter, leaving you with less of the dust and more of the crystal-clean air instead.

Harvey Norman stock other Blue Air products so it may be worth contacting your local store to see if they can order one for you. Otherwise, you can get one from Blue Air’s online shop for less than US$50 (but you will need to organise a reshipper to Australia).

Speaking of clean air, we also like the minimalist look of this concrete block humidifier. We especially like how it’s clever enough to shut itself off when the water runs out. What we can’t tell you yet is where or how to get one. We can’t even tell you how much it costs. But we think you’ll like to gaze in awe at its coolness anyway.

(via Inhabitots and Gizmodo)


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