Cindy & Jana NuuNest app – baby advice at your fingertips


That user manual we all wish came with the new baby – it might finally be here – or at the very least, something very close to it.

For years, new parents have been inundated with pamphlets and leaflets on just how exactly to look after their new bundles of joy. Modern technology means no more desperate shuffling bits of paper to find the information you need. Instead, there’s a newborn care app for smart devices, allowing important information to be at your fingertips in an instant.

Registered nurses Cindy and Jana are behind the development of the NuuNest app, an amazing source for information and tracking your own baby’s progress and details. NuuNest follows the Baby Friendly guidelines and is the only newborn app developed by the International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, so you can be confident of the advice given.

NuuNest is full of helpful health information, settling tips and tricks for both mum and bub. I love that there’s a section for mum, where you can read about emotions, nutrition, after pains, breasts – all you wanted to know and more. For babies, along with vital health information you can track feeds, nappies and weight gain just to name a few. It’s almost like we’re finally getting our hands on that baby manual! The NuuNest app can be downloaded from iTunes.


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