Chubby thighs rule with Pork Chop Kids

pork chop kids

Straight out of the ‘I can’t believe no one thought of this before’ files comes these too-cute tights from US label, Pork Chop Kids.

We all know what a nightmare changing nappies is when your bub’s got tights on – all that kicking and wriggling! Well, the founder of Pork Chop Kid decided to do something about it and came up with a baby thigh high – not quite a legging because it has feet, and a lot longer than a regular sock; keeping little legs warm but still allowing you to do what you’ve got to do at nappy change time.

Available in twenty-four different styles (you’re bound to find one you love but if you don’t, you can even create your own), the tights are for little ones aged between six months and eight years.

How gorgeous is the neopolitan (pictured below left)? And the best thing is that not only can they not kick them off (honestly, how impossible is it to keeps socks on the critters?), the tights also have non-skid bottoms for good grip.

Priced at US$18 each, Pork Chop Kids posts to Australia.

pork chop kids

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