Chrysalis Kit – the gift of life


My friend and Babyology reader Tina bought this stunning
Chrysalis Kit
for her eleven year old son and it so captured our attention we just
had to feature it here. You may have a city kid who needs to get
back to nature, or a child who is fascinated by science – this gift is
just so intrinsically interesting, I’ll bet the whole family
will be watching it for hours!

From the time your kit arrives, it should take from four to twelve
days for the butterfly to hatch. What will emerge in all its
glorious beauty, is a gold-dotted Monarch butterfly. You can observe it
for up to two days as it does not need feeding in this time. You then
release it, making a wish as it flies away, knowing you have been a
part of the life cycle of a beautiful creature.

Included in the kit is one chrysalis (the hard-shelled pupa of a butterfly), a see through enclosure for
observations, and a label featuring butterfly legend and instructions.
You can order additional chrysalises so you can use the hand-made
enclosure again and again.

The Chrysalis Kit costs $44.95 (includes delivery) from
Butterfly Adventures. Each additional chrysalis
is $15.95 (includes delivery). Lucky Melbournites can invite the team to host a butterfly party.


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