Christmas comes early! Aussie shoppers get an official US shipping address

All we want for Christmas is to pay American prices for things we buy online, and Australia Post is making that possible. The postal service has opened an Oregon warehouse that will give Australian shoppers a postal address in America.

Launched last week, ShopMate gives Australians access to brands that only ship to America, and prices that only Americans pay. That means the JCrew jumper that costs $120 on the Australian site will only cost you $80 plus shipping if you use ShopMate.

Combined with a slightly better exchange rate thanks to the recent election, and we’ve got ourselves a recipe for serious credit card damage.

Shipping rates are exxy, but that’s no different to normal. The base rate is $22.95 for a parcel, plus $4.95 per 500g. For a 2 kilogram American Girl doll, you’d be paying $42.75, but because you’d be paying American prices, in most cases you’d still be better off. As for extra costs, items over $1000 will be subject to duties and taxes when they arrive in Australia.

ShopMate is a free service. On delivery times, Australia Post says, “We’ll aim to do everything we can to get your shopping to you within five to eight business days.” Not an iron clad promise, but we suppose they’re still perfecting the details.

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