Chrissy’s fans react to self-love post: ‘Stretch marks are strength marks’

Chrissy T

Mum-of-one Chrissy Teigen is pro-body and anti-shame and she wants you to join the self-love Mum club.

Love your stretchies

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Chrissy posted a photo of her stretch-mark-striped leg and she’s feeling pretty great about the whole thing.

Chrissy’s consistently used her profile to delight in daughter Luna’s antics and promote a positive self acceptance message.

She seems to be totally at peace with the body she’s been given (and who can blame her, because gorgeous!)

Mum life

Yesterday she posted the “stretchies” shot, and followed up with a couple of relatable mum life tweets about drinking wine and liking the pattern her stretch marks make.

Hundreds of commenters agreed with Chrissie’s pro-stretch mark position.

“Stretch marks are strength marks,” one follower posted.

“Thank u so much for this. Omg i grew up hating my body bc of my stretch marks and had no representation of women w visible stretch marks,” another woman wrote.

“I got ’em there too. You had a baby… like delivered a human to this world so you earned ’em,” another said.

Chrissy Teigen Twitter


Mummy movement

Chrissie’s not the only celebrity who’s pushing a body positive message. Some other famous ladies are keen to avoid promoting ‘perfection’ too.

After birthing her second child late last year, actor Teresa Palmer decided NOT to talk about her post-baby weight loss publicly at all, for fear of putting pressure on other mums. She wants to promote diversity instead.

“It’s more important how we feel and how we cultivate self love and acceptance as opposed to getting down about losing baby weight,” Teresa said.

“Just be a confident female”

Mum of two Kelly Clarkson told Redbook Magazine that she’ll be teaching her kids that being strong and true to yourself is what counts.

“I’m just gonna do me and I’m gonna go at my own pace and I’m gonna do my thing, and if I’m skinny one day or bigger one day, that ain’t gonna change how I sound. I still sound pretty dang good. And my talent is why I’m here,” she said.

“I try to just be a confident female — and I believe actions obviously speak louder than words, it’s an old saying but it’s very true. I’m sure [all of my kids will] end up in therapy for something. But I hope it won’t be for lack of confidence.”

Happiness is a bit of squish

When Pink isn’t smashing out a hit song, the mum is being a kick-ass role model to her two kids Willow and new bub Jameson. The singer has also gone on the record about loving the skin she’s in, chatting affectionately to her daughter about her smooshy belly.

“Willow said to me the other day whilst grabbing my belly – ‘mama-why r u so squishy?’And I said..’b/cuz I’m happy baby'”


Refreshing change

While these stars have to make a living from their bodies, and need to look ridiculously great a lot of the time, it’s great to see them promoting self-care, imperfection and self-acceptance to other women.

And it’s nice to see them sharing their squishy bits and stretchies, bursting the airbrushed bubble now and then, especially when we’re talking about amazing bodies that grew whole humans.

More please.

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