Chrissy Teigen’s feeling-the-feels video is every baby-loving new mum

Luna Legend

Chrissy Teigen wishes everyone would stop obsessing about that time she flashed her bits on the red carpet, because there are cute babies to behold!

Mum life

Chrissy has returned to her life as doting mum to baby Luna (with husband John Legend) and she wants Instagram to know that her kiddo is ridiculously adorable and could arguably power an entire nation with her cuteness.

The star has moved on from all that vagina chatter and probably wants you to do the same. If you were upset she is sorry:

“Apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha,” she wrote on her Instagram after the great AMA reveal.

Nothing to see

Moving on seems the sensible thing to do, really.

Because hoohas happen.

It’s not a big deal.

Without hoohas we would not have cute baby videos to fawn over, now would we?

Take this clip she shared a couple of days ago. It’s the perfect example of why we should all shut up about Chrissy’s dress/bits and thank hoohas for the good work they do.

Enough of the outrage. Look at the cute baby!

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Better than a baby hedgehog

Hoohas aside, this video captures all that is good and true about being a parent.

Not only is baby Luna obviously more in love with her mum than the most devoted CT fan, the feeling is 100% mutual and Chrissy can be heard making the kind of adoring sounds usually reserved for puppies and baby hedgehogs.

And who can blame her?!

Yet again CT brings what matters most into sharp focus, without blinking an eye. Or flashing a hooha.


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Lu and big bro!

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