Chrissy Teigen sent her doctor a picture of her bum cheek because #MumLife

John Legend, Luna Legend, Chrissy Teigen

Once you enter the realm of parenting, your tolerance for frank conversations, body fluids and body parts increases pretty much overnight. Lip Sync Battle host – and mum of one – Chrissy Teigen is the perfect illustration of this phenomenon.

The bottom line

Chrissy’s currently in London with her husband, singer John Legend, and their toddler daughter Luna.

Not only is she very much into all the UK has to offer (think Shepherd’s Pie, weird reality shows and excellent 5-star-hotel room service), she’s also obsessing over her itchy-since-Italy bottom.

A concerned Chrissy is canvassing her GP-back-home, in the hope that she can send him a snap of the worrisome butt cheek for a spot of diagnosis-via-text. We admit this approach is heaps better than our usual fallback – Dr Google. We would like you to know that she posted a related exchange to Twitter because #AllDecorumIsLostToToddlers, #IfYouCantBeatEmJoinEm and #NormaliseItchyButts, you guys!

(Plus, we’re wondering if there’s a market for some kind of Tinder-like app where doctors can swipe left or right to diagnose your worrisome bits. It’s a JOKE guys. Chill!!)


Without further ado, here’s how #ButtCheekGate actually went down:

“Can I send you a picture of my butt cheek? I think I got some sort of bites or rash from snorkelling in Italy,” the conversation begins, with Chrissy explains her predicament.

“I am in London or I would come in,” Chrissy then explains, providing context.

Okay. It’s short and sweet, but it’s also further proof that once a toddler shows up, it’s all bum and boob and poop talk, from thereon in. 

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Today's mood: cannot be pleased

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Butt what happened next?

As you can see, the “typing in progress” dots from her GP appear below the shots of the text thread, like the peskiest loose-end (!) ever. We’re very, very disappointed we’re not privy to the doctor’s response. What did he even say, Chrisssssy?! Telllll usssss! 

The model and mum-of-one’s Twitter followers felt just the same unfortunate level of unresolve as we do about this sitch.

“I wonder how many responses he tried and then deleted before he said ‘sure'”, one posted.

“I need to know what came of this,” another wrote testily.

“If you don’t post his response, I read this for nothing,” someone else wailed.

Others (very, very surprisingly, yawn) suggested Chrissy send her butt pic to them for examination too. Because people are creeps.

PS: We’ll keep you posted on Chrissy’s diagnosis, if it comes to hand.

Has your preschooler steadily eroded your ability to self-censor and avoid body-part chatter?


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To London!!

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