Chrissy Teigen requests stories about mean kids and it’s proof kids are torture

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Chrissy Teigen was navigating a particularly challenging day with her much-loved daughter Luna, when she sent an SOS to her Twitter followers, hoping to gain some much needed chortles – and perspective on naughty toddlers.

“I am having a very rough day”

Luna is about to enter the Terrible Twos – which are followed by the Threenager stage and the Eff You Fours – and it’s plain to see that she’s throwing out some pretty challenging behaviour (at least some of the time).

Her mum, TV host and model Chrissy Teigen, did the sensible thing. She reached out to her Twitter followers requesting stories about similar “mean” kid behaviour, in the hope that other parents and carers would share in solidarity.

Share they surely did, with many, many funny responses flooding Twitter and reminding us that kids are not only torture at times, they’re also chillingly funny. It made us feel a lot better, so we’re guessing Chrissy achieved her hoped-for bolstering ‘reset’ too.

Chrissy Teigen Twitter

“Wah Wah Wah”

We’ve curated some of the best responses (below) in the hope that it might provide some comic relief to parents and carers who are currently teetering on the edge of losing their gosh-darned minds.

Just note that these are so funny you might want to avoid drinking your morning cuppa whilst reading. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

  1. “After rotten long flight from Germany, Dylan saw store whose sign was a 3D car coming out the wall, and said, ‘I hope it hits you.'”
  2. “When my son was 4, he told me my hair was an abomination. Stunned, I asked him what that meant. He said “something I don’t like.”
  3. I made French toast for dinner once and my middle kid said they tasted like sorrow. :/
  4. My preschooler found my wedding picture.
    “Oh, look at daddy! So handsome!”
    “Who is with daddy?”
    “A person.”
    “That’s your mommy!” Looks me up and down.
    “No. That’s a pretty person.”
  5. Last week, my 20 month old offered me a bite of her food. As I went to accept it, she snatched it back & ate it. When I made a sad face she lifted her tiny pudgy fists to her eyes and slowly rotated them while saying “wah wah wah” at me.
  6. I asked my 6 year old son if he’ll visit me when I’m old. He told me to get a Life Alert bracelet instead.
  7. My 13 month old says “dada” but every time I ask “can you say mama?” she looks me in the eyes, says “no” very clearly and then laughs.
  8. I hugged my 3 year old and she was like “did you like that hug?” And I said yes and she said “I am never hugging you again.” And walked away.
  9. My 3yo just got right in my face and screamed, “You are over! Mommies are cancelled!”
  10. My baby cousin tells my mom “hey big man” every time he sees her.
  11. My 4yo niece, cupping my face in her hands, asked me if she could close my eyes forever. Me: you mean murder me? Her: whatever, can I do it?
  12. I’m not a mom I’m a nanny. But the 7 yr old I babysit just told me “when I’m your age, sophie, you’ll be dead”
  13. I was telling my 11 month old “mama say mama, I’m mama, say mama” and she looked me dead in the face and said “olive” our dogs name.
  14. I nanny a 5 year old and I got him ice cream with blue sprinkles instead of rainbow sprinkles and he slowly whispered “i hope you get fired”
  15. My four year old recently shouted at me “I hope you get a sunburn”
  16. My 3yo looked me up and down one day, then said ‘get a job’.
  17. My daughter wrote me a card once that literally said,”You’re the worst!” with a pic of a trophy that said,”Worst!” 
  18. The first time I took a bath with my son I thought it’d be really cute but he punched me in the nose and gave me a nosebleed.
  19. When my daughter was about 2, she got mad at me and yelled, “You are no longer beautiful; now you are only handsome!”
  20. I picked my son up to give him a kiss good night. He took my face in his little fists, leaned in close, and whispered, “You’re gonna die.”

How about you, dear exhausted reader?! Has your kid even been mean to you? Or stunned you with a particularly searing or unsettling clap back? Pop over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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