Chrissy Teigen on the mum life juggle: “I just don’t know how anyone does it”

chrissy and luna

Chrissy Teigen is the very last person to pretend she’s taking motherhood and the work/life balance in her stride. In a recent interview, she spoke candidly about the crew that makes her juggle possible.

“Utmost respect”

Chrissy is married to singer John Legend and the pair have a daughter together, Luna, born in April 2016.

Speaking to ET’s Jennifer Peros late last week, Chrissy said the parenthood juggle is far from easy. Support from her mum and staff help keep her family on track, and she’s not about to take those things for granted.

Chrissy said she has no clue how less-supported mums – especially single mums – manage every day.

“Every time I look at Luna, I wonder, ‘How on earth does anybody do this alone?’ I have the utmost respect for mothers (and) single mothers,” the mum-of-one said.

“I have my mother who lives with us, I have John, I have a nanny. I’m very outspoken about it, and when I see that I still have a difficult time, I just don’t know how anyone does it.”


Privileged life

Chrissy knows the support system she has is not available to everyone, and seems to be unsure of how to “check her privilege”. Admitting she’s fortunate seems to be her chosen first step in that direction.

“We’re very lucky to be able to have date nights. Not a lot of people can go on date nights, can have a sitter and have someone take care of their baby. ‘Me time’ is important, but not everybody can do it.”

The model mum says becoming a mother shifted her perspective on the whole parenting game.

“I’ve never had more appreciation for anyone in my entire life – until I became a mom.”

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Glam/Fam Squad

While regular mums may struggle to find time for themselves, Chrissy is at pains to acknowledge her support system affords her – and other celebs – plenty of sanity-saving solutions.

“[Celebrities have access to] tools to be able to get ourselves together and to be able to leave the house for a little bit and go work out and eat well, and I think that’s not something that everyone has access to,” Teigen said.

We must say we quite fancy getting ourselves together in Teigen Squad Style!



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