Child-friendly, chewable Ruby Olive jewellery put to the ultimate test!

Babies will find anything to play with while being held or fed – if it’s in arm’s reach it’s fair game! That’s why Ruby Olive Softies jewellery was created, to give babies something to chew and play with (and the pieces just happen to double as stylish accessories). But, as with anything when it comes to babies, the proof is in the pudding. So we sent off a bunch of Softies to Babyology mums, told them and their babies to go their hardest and had them report back. Here’s what our mums (and their babies) thought.

Just like mums, Softies by Ruby Olive are all about multi-tasking. They look fab, and they provide a distraction for babies that’s safe and playful. We sent off some Softies necklaces, bangles and pendants and asked our mum reviewers to tell us how they fared after being put through their paces by their babes.

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What the babies thought

Each one of our pint-sized testers – all under 12 months – adored chewing the Softies jewellery (welcome teething relief no doubt!), and found their own ways of comforting themselves with it. Here’s what the mums told us:

    • My son took it upon himself to grab the necklace at any given chance once I introduced it to him.
    • Bub grabbed it straight away and started chewing. He does use it during breastfeeding, but more often just when I’m carrying him around.
    • I have twins so they held on to the Softie while feeding instead of poking each other which was good and I offered it to them to chew on rather than my finger.
    • Whenever I wore it he would reach for it to play with. He got grumpy if I wouldn’t let him, he loved the elephant.
    • He played with it usually while I was holding him or he was sitting with me.
    • She grabbed it to play with and chew on when I was holding her and when changing her nappy I would whip it off to stop her from rolling around, it worked a treat! She was always looking for it to grab hold of when I was wearing it.

Ruby Olive bangles 2

  • As soon as I put it on she put it in her mouth and started chewing on it. She was very curious as to what it was and it really soothed her sore gums.
  • He loved playing with it, making it move and chewing on it. His top two teeth have just popped through, so the necklace arrived at a fantastic time.
  • My six-month-old daughter notices everything, so yes, she enjoys holding it in her hands and chewing/rubbing the silicone necklace on her gums. It is the perfect distraction or ‘time-buying’ item when you want to get a task done or finish that cuppa! My softie necklace keeps the little one busy and happy and it zjooshes up any outfit I’m wearing… No matter how drab I may feel. Brilliant concept!
  • She noticed it from across the room (loves necklaces) and grabbed at it, sat on my lap for 30 minutes chewing away and watching tv. Currently getting tooth number three in, she is loving it.


ruby olive solus

What the mums thought

Our mums each had their own particular favourites amongst the jewellery pieces we asked them to test. But they all agreed that if you’re partial to fun, bright pieces that do double duty as a distraction device for your bub, then Ruby Olive’s Softies are spot on the mark.

  • Surely attracts kids I’m not sure about wearing in public without my son but if I’m with him it’s ok.
  • Like that I’m doing something nice for my bubba.
  • The large elephant wasn’t my thing so I was very conscious of it as it was in the way a lot.
  • Fabulous! Although the elephant was clearly a chew toy, that pop of colour lifted a lot of my outfits.
  • I wore it for the benefit of trialling it for bub and would definitely wear another style but the size of the elephant made me feel a little awkward as I have large boobs and felt it drew attention to them.
  • It was great to be able to wear something fashionable and know that it wouldn’t matter if my daughter chewed on it. It was also convenient knowing that if she got fussy I had something close at hang to occupy her for a while.
  • I really liked it as it is very different to any other jewellery I have seen before. If you didn’t tell people they wouldnt know it was for teething babies and I love that it matches any outfit.
  • Great! I miss wearing jewellery, I only wear it now if I’m going out without the kids. But with great priced baby friendly jewellery I don’t need to worry. Love it!
  • I enjoy wearing the jewellery knowing that it’s safe for my baby girl. I don’t wear a lot of yellow though, so it’s been a bit tricky pairing it with the rest of my wardrobe… But it works with things like classic white or black.
  • It’s cute, the elephant is obviously baby jewellery but I didn’t mind, my daughter loves it. The size of the pendant made it easy for her to hold.

Overall, Softies by Ruby Olive get a fashion-forward thumbs up from our mum and bub testers. You can check out the range for yourself, by browsing the virtual shelves at Ruby Olive.


ruby olive green necklace

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