Did Cheryl Cole and One Direction’s Liam Payne reveal their baby name?

liam payne

A UK outlet insists that Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne have chosen a name for their 5-week-old son. Their fans are not hugely happy with the alleged pick.

Bear hugs?

The Sun have just revealed (what they say is) the tiny boy’s name, with information gleaned from “a source” close to Liam and Cheryl.

“They spent over a week getting to know him first before deciding,” the source said.

“They love their little baby Bear Payne and are truly over the moon and loving being parents for the first time together.”

The parents in question have been pretty mum about their baby since their initial birth announcement. Cheryl’s avoided Instagram since the birth of her little guy, leading us to believe they may have signed an exclusive with one of the bigger media outlets for those first life-with-newborn pics.

Liam’s been active on the socials, but mostly posting non-family, business (aka music business/selfie business) related stuff.

Meltdown ahoy!

Fans of the couple have inundated social media with all of the questions and opinions about the alleged baby Bear.

“Bear Payne? Are you sirious (sic)?” one badgered rudely.

“I LOVE bear payne DONT LET ANYONE TELL U DIFFRENT ITS AMAZINGGGGGG IF THATS ITS NAME” another passionate capitaliser opined.

“You did not name your son, bear. What did he do to you?” a lady admonished.

Things could be worse. They could have (allegedly) called him Back or Period or Window Payne. Those are names deserving of capital letters and outrage. 

It’s not unusual 

While media outlets are crowing over the “unusual” moniker – apparently – bestowed on baby Payne, many name-savvy types will realise that Bear is actually very popular among the well-to-do celebrity set.

Little Bear will join the club with these young gents, for starters:

Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarekci’s 6-year-old son is called Bear Blu Jarecki.
Kate Winslet’s 4-year-old boy is called Bear Blaze Winslet.
Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ frontman, Anthony Kiedis, has a 10-year-old boy called Everly Bear Kiedis.
Jamie Olive and wife Jools’ 7-year-old son is called Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver.

(And let’s not forget Bear Grylls.)

If he is a tiny bear, he’s in excellent company, that’s for sure!

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