Channing Tatum’s 4-year-old is a make-up expert now and we can’t stop laughing

Jenna Tatum

We’ve all been there. One minute we’re fresh-faced and fancy-free, the next we’ve undergone a preschooler make-over and resemble the kind of abstract masterpiece even Picasso would be unsettled by.

Let your sparkle run free

Jenna Dewan Tatum (who is married to Channing Tatum) is the perfect case in point.  

Not only has Jenna undergone the kind of “beautiful” transformation only the most creative preschooler could conceptualise, she’s kindly shared her metamorphosis, inspiring others to dream their glittery dreams and let their sparkle run free. It all started with 4-year-old daughter Everly (aka Evie), to be clear…

“Evie just might take over the beauty industry one day,” Jenna wrote smugly alongside the surprising image of her make-over. “Her finest work I dare say.” We feel you Jenna, we do.


The first thing you will probably notice is that Evie has managed to expertly pinpoint Jenna’s exact right colours – (She’s a ‘winter’? Oh no, I think that’s a ‘spring’?)

She’s also unveiled a never-before-seen technique of applying products in what could only be described as ‘smears’ and ‘splotches’. The result? A challenging and wildly surprising vision, with Jenna merely the canvas to Evie’s uncompromising art.

You’re worth it

Our favourite parts of Jenna’s remarkable look, we hear you ask?  It’s so hard to choose, you guys!

We love the nod to Pennywise that Evie’s splotched onto the tip of Jenna’s nose. The unconventional moustache Evie’s scribbled atop Jenna’s lip is both innovative AND slightly upsetting and it’s challenging the heck out of us.

Also, the very, very, very textured, dare we say lumpy, deposits of colour on Jenna’s cheekbones and forehead are true strokes of genius, as far as we’re concerned. 

I did it my way

Evie shows us that beauty standards are a mere construct and that symmetry/keeping your eyes open when you put on your make-up is completely overrated. Evie’s also broken all the rules about not drawing wiggly purple and blue ponds on your mummy’s forehead and for that we cannot thank her enough.

Opening doors, busting stereotypes, giving zero make-up f*$ks. 

These are the things we can learn from genius kids like Evie. #SoInspired #MuchBlessed

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