Chalk Spinner for Generation Z style drawing


Chalk and childhood go together like Vegemite and toast – or peanut butter and jelly in my childhood. I have fond memories of using colourful chalk to draw rainbows and clouds on our front walkway. It was great fun and I can only imagine how much fun kids nowadays will have with these ingenious Chalk Spinners designed and produced by Kodo Kids.

The Chalk Spinner is exactly as the name says: a spinning 3D spherical chalkboard. Little people can indulge their love of chalk drawing while creating a chalk masterpiece with their friends. I can imagine them all spinning the barrel around, each with a piece of chalk firmly held to the surface, drawing lines and lines of pretty colours.

The Chalk Spinner is available in three sizes, the Big Spin, the Skinny Spin and the Tubby Spin. The Big Spin can accomodate up to six children comfortably – imagine the party possibilities! They also come with a central chalk holder that any toddler can reach so chalk doesn’t go rolling away.

Prices range from US$99 to US$250 from Kodo Kids. Shipping is not available to Australia but you can contact the company or arrange a freight forwarder.

(Via Ohdeedoh)


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