Chaff n’ Skaffs: Mai and the lost Moskivvy

Chaff n' Scaffs

In a world full of Playstations and Wii’s, what do you get the kid that has everything? How about an engaging tale of friendship and adventure that’s sure to get the imagination worked up?

Chaff n’ Skaffs: Mai and the lost Moskivvy by writer Amanda Chin and writer/illustrator Luke Feldman is sure to do exactly that. Beautifully illustrated in vivid colours (some reviewers have compared Feldman’s illustrations to those in the Disney books of the 1950s), the story begins when Mai’s sleep is interrupted by a lost and lonely mosquito. Instead of reaching for the Aerogard, Mai is persuaded by friend Chaff to escort the mosquito back home. And so begins a journey through magical lands full of weird and wonderful creatures, culminating in the celebration of friends, family and love.

Order your copy from Fishpond for $20.95. Happy reading!

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