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Childbirth is all about your precious new bundle of newborn goodness finally entering the world, we don’t deny that – but what about the blood? Yes, there’s plenty of blood involved but I for one, never fully understood just how vital it could potentially be once I had my sweet baby in my arms. Usually discarded as medical waste, cord blood could potentially be lifesaving should your child become ill in the future.

Here, mother-of-two Kylie Koch shares her story about deciding to store her baby’s cord blood with  Cell Care Australia. After researching all the potential benefits, she writes: We made the decision to store both of our children’s cord blood. An important reason was that our children’s stem cells are a perfect match for themselves and that compared to an unknown donor, there is also a much higher possibility that the cord blood stem cells will also be a match for the other sibling.

At thirty weeks in my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus which carried a risk of long term complications for my baby. Because of the threats this posed, I had an amniocentesis, which meant there was an additional risk of early labour therefore I needed my cord blood and tissue collection kit delivered to me urgently. The Cell Care team were fantastic in organising this in such a short space of time. One of their midwives even came to see me at the hospital to make sure everything was ok.

Kylie goes on to say that while her labour took some time to start, it progressed very quickly and thanks to the fantastic communication with Cell Care, the cord blood collector arrived on time and she didn’t even notice her collecting the cord blood and tissue. Everything was simple and painless.

Kylie also adds that the Cell Care collector was full of congratulations and explained the next step of her kit being collected. The person even sent well wishes for Kylie’s family afterwards and informed that her collection kit had been safely received at the Cell Care facility. A few days later, a follow up confirmation call from the Cell Care team let Kylie know that they had what they needed without any further fuss for a new mum to worry about.

Now for the details, what is cord blood and why would you want to store it? Cord blood is the blood that remains in your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after he or she has been born. Birthing is a momentous event and it’s important to think of this valuable blood – it’s this blood that contains a potent mixture of cells, including stem cells – the building blocks of all cells within the body. Cord blood is recognised in the treatment of blood disorders including leukaemia and some cancers.

Cell Care is the largest and most experienced cord blood bank in Australia. They were the first Australian cord bank to offer parents the opportunity to bank cord tissue. Banking cord tissue involves storing a small, complete part of the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is rich in cells that aren’t found in the cord blood. Obviously, collection is time sensitive, the only time to collect both cord blood and cord tissue is the minute you deliver your baby so arrangements need to be made with Cell Care while pregnant, which we understand is one more important thing to think about right up there with cot and pram choices!

Head to Cell Care for more easy to read information on cord blood and cord tissue banking.

(This post is sponsored by Cell Care).



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