14 times celebrities ruled the Twitter newsfeed with their honest parenting fails

Thank you, celebrities for tweeting about your parenting failures and making us all feel better about our lives.

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Social media makes it easier than ever to glimpse into the lives of some of the rich and famous. And while many celebrities prefer to use their social media accounts to promote their upcoming films, fashion labels and featured projects, some prefer to share the more important things with their fans – like how they are completely lost when it comes to raising kids, just like the rest of us.

So let’s count down our favourite tweets from famous families across the pond.

That time Mel B. summed up the dramas of school drop-off in a single photo.

That time Ryan Reynolds decided traumatising his daughter was easier than rocking her to sleep.

That time Chrissy Teigan gave birth and admitted what all mums know too well.

It’s not everyday that you stumble upon a tweet from a celebrity discussing post-baby nappy requirements.

That time Kristen Bell experienced the joy of having children who love avocado.

That time Anna Faris decided to potty train her twins.

And clearly it went really well.

And then there was that time Anna Faris decided to hire her son as her decorator.

That time Hamish Blake realised his son’s dream of becoming a jockey was probably a little out of reach.

That time Carrie Underwood described the mum diet in 140 characters or less.

That time Olivia Wilde made an interesting observation about the male gender.

That time Neil Patrick Harris discovered the law of buying toys for toddlers.

That time Conan O’Brien taught his children a very important financial lesson.

That time Busy Phillips successfully identified that odd smell in every parent’s car.

So that’s what it is!

That time Christina Applegate gave up on basic hygiene.

But, the winner of our round-up of classic parenting tweets has to go to this amazing parenting moment:

That time Ryan Reynolds clearly got drunk and said what all parents are thinking.

So there you have it Babyologists – celebrities may be living the high life, but turns out, no matter how much money we have in the bank, we’re all being outwitted by mini versions of ourselves. And then tweeting it.

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