Celebrating 50 years of Lego in Australia – Festival of Play launches!

We celebrate Lego each and every day at our house but it’s time to get a bit more formal about it with such a significant birthday this year! Lego is fifty and to mark the occasion, the Festival of Play has just launched.

In 1962 a sales representative called John Peddie flew to Australia with a suitcase of Lego bricks and finally made his first sale to a department store after months of creating elaborate models for skeptical retailers. Mr Peddie is still, fifty years later, on the board of directors of Lego Australia and believes in the product as much now as he did then:

“The brand name LEGO comes from the Danish expression ‘Leg Godt’, which translates as ‘play well’. When first arriving in the country, this was my mission, to encourage Australia to ‘play well’ and it remains the same  today…”

What now follows the actual birthday of Lego in Australia (15 April) is nine months of play for adults and kids alike, to pay homage to this revolutionary toy, which continues to capture the hearts and minds of people all over the globe.

The website has just launched so make sure it goes on your permanent bookmark list for the coming months and you can check in to see the latest events. Right now you can watch a ninety second video about the Lego Festival of Play.

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