Celebrate World Sleep Day with a blissful slumber from Tempur


It’s World Sleep Day – and around the globe can be heard a chorus of parents asking, what’s this sleep you speak of?! You’ll never really understand why sleep deprivation is a form of torture – until you have children. Those bleary-eyed, zombie-like hours spent rocking, feeding, cradling and comforting. And there’s nothing quite like that moment when the kids are finally asleep and your head hits the pillow. So, you just have to make those precious hours of sleep count. Sleeping on a cloud sound pretty restful doesn’t it?  

My first son was a nightmare sleeper, literally from the moment we brought him home from the hospital. I can’t even remember how I stumbled my way through those hazy first months, but I do remember telling my husband we deserved an amazing area to sleep, as a reward! And that is truly how I think of Tempur’s amazing pillows – like a reward for a day of hard work.


Tempur is a brand synonymous with sleep around the world. Continued research and development has resulted in a range of amazing products geared towards one thing – a fantastic night’s sleep. What more could a parent want?


I’ve been lucky enough to road test (or bed test) Tempur’s Comfort Cloud Pillow, and have honestly never had a better night’s sleep. The pillows are traditionally shaped, with a Tempur envelope housing thousands of micro-cushions. So they give support, but it feels just like a traditional pillow. As soon as you rest your head on the pillow you can feel it hugging each curve and supporting your head and neck. As a side sleeper who usually uses two pillows, I’ve found I’ve been able to ditch a second pillow, as I’m getting enough support with the Tempur Comfort Cloud. I’ve also found as an added bonus if you happen to read or watch television in bed, propped against a bedhead or wall it has excellent support, and keeps its form. Tempur Comfort Cloud Pillows retail for $199.


If you require full body support during sleep, you just have to try Tempur’s Long Hug Pillow (now who wouldn’t want a pillow with that moniker?). This one is all about ergonomic sleep and support, ensuring your body is kept comfortable, no matter what strange position you like to slumber in. And if you’re pregnant this is fabulous to keep your belly and legs supported. The Long Hug Pillow retails for $299, and you can find a retailer near you with Tempur’s store locator.


In conjunction with World Sleep Day Tempur has launched a new site, We Love Sleep, where you’ll be able to read testimonies from people who’ve tried Tempur products, and see what all the fuss is about. You can also order a free Tempur Information Pack, which will give you the low down on what’s available, as well as a sample of the amazing material Tempur uses.

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