Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week with our ultimate breastfeeding round-up

World Breastfeeding Week is upon us and around the world people are joining forces to support women’s rights to feel comfortable breastfeeding their children outside the home. Celebrate one of the most natural and beautiful aspects of being a mum and revisit our favourite articles with Babyology’s breastfeeding round-up.

Whether a woman is working in the formal, non-formal or home setting, it’s important that she is empowered in claiming her and her baby’s right to breastfeed. This is what World Breastfeeding Week is all about – celebrating a mother’s right to feed her child.


So let us raise our glasses (and our shirts) and toast this important week for mums, Babyology style. Pull out the boobie beanie, put on your breast milk pendant, whip up a batch of lactation bickies and settle in for our ‘best in breastfeeding’ round-up.

And whatever you do, don’t forget the breastfeeding lollipop. Yes. They do exist.

breastfeeding students one

Let’s start by ruining everyone’s day with tits with these hilarious breastfeeding songs. These two breastfeeding parodies caused quite a stir when we first showcased them and it’s easy to see why. Make sure you listen to the lyrics – they are spot on!

Now that your day is ruined, we will move on to four reasons why you should never breastfeed in public, another awesome parody video that we all loved last month.

bottle comic

Still feeling uncomfortable feeding in public? These clever breastfeeding comics are sure to “titillate” the senses and show mums how to tackle breastfeeding shamers.


Jokes aside, there are plenty of amazing photography projects that celebrate the natural beauty of breastfeeding. The photos by US-based photographer Ivette Ivens bring an element of whimsy to the world of breastfeeding.


We also loved this stunning photo series by Jillayna Adamson which shows that breastfeeding is beautiful and is designed to capture “the breastfeeding experience in modern America.”

breastfeeding video2

Just recently we also discovered an incredible tribute to World Breastfeeding Week through an elegant video by German photographer Tammy Nicole. The joy of breastfeeding is often hard to explain but Tammy’s four-minute video captures this beautiful moment perfectly.

breastfeeding video1

There have been plenty of positive breastfeeding stories in the news over the past year. In June last year Facebook lifted the breastfeeding ban, allowing mums to freely post images of their children feeding via social media.

breastfeeding selife alyssa milano

What followed is the top parenting trend this year – the brelfie, with celebrities like Alyssa Milano leading the breastfeeding-selfie train.


Speaking of celebrity mums, we also loved seeing Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio grace the cover of Elle Australia in May, cradling her infant son, Zion, mid-feed.


And just recently Argentinean politician Victoria Donda Perez was photographed breastfeeding her eight-month-old daughter during a parliamentary session.


While there are always going to be haters, the world is collectively finding ways to slam down the shamers and help women feel more comfortable feeding their babies any time, any place, anywhere.

So, with that thought, we want to wish all of our Babyology mummas a happy World Breastfeeding Week. We hope our best of breastfeeding round-up helps you celebrate this cherished yet fleeting moment in motherhood.

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